Friday, May 31, 2013

"CIOs have a radical vision of their world in 2020."

325 attendees at Forrester’s North America CIO Forum two weeks ago, were asked to vote on the outcome they think is most likely to occur. The audience members’ votes were:
  • 80% believed that technology would still be differentiating. 
  • 85% agreed that most technology would be delivered via the public cloud. 
  • 90% voted that central IT would NOT exist in the future. 
  • The audience was split on the role and the share of new versus incumbent vendors. 
As for the the forum attendee’s demographics: 70% were from end user companies with 65% of the firms having over $1 billion in annual revenues. 40% of the audience had the title of vice president or CIO and another 32% were director level.

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